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This is an attempt to Pen down travel stories during our stay in South Korea. South Korea with its four distinct seasons and awesome landscapes is a treat to visitor's eyes. Travelling is always fun here due to the hospitality and extremly cooperative people.
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Monday, May 19, 2003

Our Marraige Celebration In Samsung

On the previous days our colleague came and asked how about singing Korean song in the park beside the company restaurant tommorow afternoon during lunch break. Me and John were both little reluctant initially but later agreed. Then that evening we all went to "Noorebang" as they are called in Korea. They are Singing rooms with Hi Fi Karaoke systems installed where one could sing his heart out. We practiced for an hour and were ready for the next afternoon with no idea what it was all for.

The Event day:
During lunch break at 12.30pm, the park beside the company canteen was full of people who usually take some break and smoke after lunch. The place was nicely decorated. That day one professional comedian was also invited to perform live for some 10 min. The Comedian after finishing his performance handed over the mic to us. It was an excellent display of talent by him. People were very happy and were laughing out loud.

The Comedian handing over the Mic to us

John and me Singing th Korean song "Naaye harurul ghamanhi"

Applause from audience- Most of them our colleague

The big Surprise:
After we finished singing the Host asked us few questions, like " Do you live in korea wih your family? and where are they now? We said : "In Yong Tong-Our appartment". Next question he asked came as a big surprise. " Who are those two ladies coming our way?" and yoooo John and me were surprised to see Benita and chandra coming towards us smiling all the way. We knew very well that entry to the campus was restricted to employees only. After the initial surprise we were talking smiling and enjoying the claps coming from all our colleagues.

Flash Back Scene at my appartment at 11am: "Suddenly the hr manager lady came to our appartment . She asked me to get ready for a big surprise. She told me and Mrs John to wear Indian traditional dress and accompany her to the company. In no time we were inside the company and as we approached the event ground we could hear Kumar and John singing. " -Chandra

Chandra telling me how she had to get ready on such a short notice and had to rush

Beside the photgrapher

Host asking us questions on korean life and about Indian traditions

Enjoying every moment

Gift session: We were then called to accept gift from our Senior manager. We did not knew what it was but after coming home first thing we did was open the pack and peek at the box. ooooooo!! such a cute and beautiful korean traditional doll set.

Recieving Presents from Our manager

Our collegues sharing the moment with us

With John and Benita

Group photo with our team

Finally there was a group photo session and then we headed for lunch which was arranged by company in a very nice restaurant. There during lunch we were interviewed and later it got published in the compnay magazine.

The Cute Dolls we received as a token of Love

What was all this for???The occassion???? It was their way of celebrating our marraige. John and me had both joined Samsung Korea as bachelors and now after both of us got married they celebrated our marraige in a unique never forgettable way.


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