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This is an attempt to Pen down travel stories during our stay in South Korea. South Korea with its four distinct seasons and awesome landscapes is a treat to visitor's eyes. Travelling is always fun here due to the hospitality and extremly cooperative people.
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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

2003 Diwali At Our Residence

In those days the Indian Diaspora in Suwon was limited to around 30. We decided to celebrate Diwali together first of its kind in Suwon. All together around 20 of us gathered together in our apartment. All of our rooms were almost filled. We had so much of fun. We played so many different types of games like antakshari and 20 questions.

Game of 20 question: It is a very simple and interesting game. Make two teams A and B. Then representative of team A gets a word from team B. Now team A has to guess the word by asking a maximum of 20 questions to their representative. The representative can answer only in YES or NO. Which ever team gets the correct word in lesser question wins.

The games went on till mid night till when we felt our neighbours might call Police if we do not stop shouting. The closing of all doors and windows as tight as possible to make the house a sound proof one was not good enough to block the high decibels generated out of excitement and joy.We had dinner. Every one cooked something from their home and brought along with them. There were all kinds of delicious dishes ranging from North Indian sweets to South Indian sambar, rasam.


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