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This is an attempt to Pen down travel stories during our stay in South Korea. South Korea with its four distinct seasons and awesome landscapes is a treat to visitor's eyes. Travelling is always fun here due to the hospitality and extremly cooperative people.
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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Lakshmi Bill Visit

During our India trip in 2005 january we visited our native village. We donot stay there any more but our uncles and grand mother all are still there.

Tomato fields

Highly fertile Paddy fields

With grandmaa
Earlier most of them used to do farming only but these days they are slwoly getting into teaching and other kind of jobs.

Lakshmi Bill:
Laksmi Bill is a typical Indian Village with acres and acres of plain land green with vegetation.

Brinjal plantation

You name it and its there. Starting from cereals like Paddy, Wheat to all sort of vegetables like Potato, Onion,Tomato,Chillies and so on. Green and fresh every where.

Paddy fields

Chillies grown here are really HOT

Cauliflower garden

Loads of Tomato

Potato field

There are many types of Brinjal.This variety looks like balloons

Its just the opposite of our fast hectic polluted urban life. The river flowing along side the village make it all the way more beautiful. More than adding to the beauty its a source of irrigation for the farmers. They donot have to depend on rain all the times.

One thing that impresses me about Laxshmi Bill is its literacy rate. Even though majority is engaged in farming but most of the young guys in the field are graduates.

Flower Cultivation:
Recently there is a new trend of cultivating flowers instead of the vegetables. They say flowers are easier are to grow and gives good retrurn. But since every one has started growing flowers, slowly the demand is reducing. Its so nice to see flowers all around you.

Flower Garden

Flower Garden

Flower Garden

Rubber Plantation: Another upcoming farming is Rubber plantation. Soil and weather of Tripura is just perfect for Rubber Plantation resulting in very high quality rubber.They are exported to other states which are used as raw material for Tyres etc.

Rubber SAP freshly colected from Rubber tree

Rubber sheets in the Sun getting dried.


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