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This is an attempt to Pen down travel stories during our stay in South Korea. South Korea with its four distinct seasons and awesome landscapes is a treat to visitor's eyes. Travelling is always fun here due to the hospitality and extremly cooperative people.
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Monday, June 06, 2005

Few Moments To Cherish In Korea

Happy moments: Some of the beautiful moments of our life while during our stay in Korea.

Moments of Year 2005

This is a page from Samsung electronics monthly magazine of month of June Year 2005 in which I got interviewed.
This is the link to the online version of this magazine :
Click Here

A meeting with the owner of Samsung groups, Mr Lee Geun Hee inside the Samsung Electronics campus Suwon.

Moments of Year 2004

SBC Anchor: Samsung Broadcasting Centre is Samsung's own broadcasting channel which broadcasts internal company related news every morning for half an hour to all its employees. I was guest anchor for SBC for one day. This photo is an Samsung internal online publication giving information about my anchorship on the channel the next day.

A page from the august 2004 issue of Digital E-Valley magazine. It was a short interview about me and John discussing about our life and work in Korea

A poster inside Samsung electronics campus, Suwon me and John with our products. Right side top corner.

I participated in Korean song competition on 2004 . The photo above shows the coverage of that event by Samsung magazine .

This page is from "Naeil shinmun"a local daily in of Suwon province which published an interview of my wife Chandra (Right) and her friend Dipti about their culture exchange programs in different Korean schools and also about their life in Korea.

Moments of Year 2003

This is the front page of October 2003 edition of digital e valley magazine. I participated in a Korean song competition on HOF day inside the Samsung Suwon campus and was awarded the third prize. My prize was a Samsung camera phone. You can see me and my wife in third from left oval shaped picture.

Well are you curious to know how I might have sounded while I sing the Korean song.Please visit the below you tube link to watch.
The Song Video:

These pictures are from the Samsung Electronics monthly magazine edition of may 2003. It was an event arranged by my computer division.

Moments of Year 2001

This is a page from Samsung electroncis global annual report of year 2001 in which I showcased the product named 'home manager'

This is the link to the original Report on Samsung Electronics Website : Click Here


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