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This is an attempt to Pen down travel stories during our stay in South Korea. South Korea with its four distinct seasons and awesome landscapes is a treat to visitor's eyes. Travelling is always fun here due to the hospitality and extremly cooperative people.
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Sunday, February 25, 2007

China trip

On this chinese new year holidays we decided to visit china .we were around 14 people together and booked the tour thru online tour agents. we took a four days three night trip to three cities of china, hangzhou shozhou and shanghai.

Inside the flight.

We started our journey on 18th of february from incheon airport. It took around two hours to reach pudong airport of shanghai .

Shanghai airport

the guide from the tour agency was waiting outside the airport and he took our charge for next three days. He first took us to a korean restaurant in shanghai.
The korean restaurant in shanghai.
the food was very nice and it was quite an elaborate affair.
Having lunch.

The momento signed by us.

the city looked deserted as it was chinese new year holiday and most people visit their hometown on this festival.After lunch we went to see The Oriental Pearl TV Tower located in Pudong Park in shanghai.
At the pearl tower in shanghai.
The observation deck of the tower provided us a nice view of the hitech Shanghai.

Shanghai city as seen from the observation deck.

Next destination was Nnjing market. It was a road filled with all famous brand shops and eateries.
At nanjing road.

Because of new year the whole road was decorated like a bride. we could imagine the richness of chinese culture from this.

beautifully decorated street

Next was shanghai circus which also showcased some of the best acrobatics
Shanghai circus.

and breath taking shows like the one in which 6 motorcyclist moved at the highest speed inside a ball .

Soon we went for dinner in a beautiful chinese restaurant . we enjoyed nice chinese food with traditional performances.

Traditional performance at the restaurant.

That night after dinner we started our jour to shozhou to spend night there. we reached the hotel and 10 dead tired .

The hotel where we stayed in shouzou.
Morning 7:30 we reported to the guide some how grabbed some breakfast from the hotel buffet and left for shozhou travel.

Shozou is known for its canals and also called the venice of china.

We visited hanshan temple there

At hanshan temple with our group.

We went to a beautiful bonsai garden followed by lingering gardenwhich was recorded on the list of the world heritage by UESCO. The gardens were like a land scape paininting and atreat to eyes.

we also visited the lingering garden after that

Our next stop was silk factory .china is the creator of silk and silk is an important produce of shozou . We saw the process of producing silk from worms and also did some shopping from the exhibition house there. The main event for us was to watch a live fashion show there.

Next stop was dragon hill tea farm. The green tea produced here is claimed to be the best. The natural beauty of the tea gardens on the hills nearby was really wonderful.

we next went for dinner and left for our next destination hongzhou.Honzhou is regarded as the best place to live in china.

We retired in the hotel at night . next day morning we had nice hearty breakfst and started our day with a visit to yangqi zen temple .Lots of devotees were waiting under a huge mountain. from the peak of which slowly buddha idol came out and started sprinkling holy water. It was really a nice experience. Then we entered the main temple . The interior was splendid . Our camera kept clicking non stop.



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