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This is an attempt to Pen down travel stories during our stay in South Korea. South Korea with its four distinct seasons and awesome landscapes is a treat to visitor's eyes. Travelling is always fun here due to the hospitality and extremly cooperative people.
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Saturday, July 28, 2007

3 Day Trip To Gyeongju

Gyeongju is regarded as the center of culture and history in Korea .It was the capital for 1000 years during Shilla dynasty.It has many historical attractions that have been designated as world heritage by UNESCO. Its one of the most famous tourist attractions of Korea.

We visited Gyeongju this July for three days .We started from Suwon at 5 am on 15th of July.It took us more than 4 hours to reach . On the way we stopped at the rest areas.

Having breakfast at a rest area.

As we entered Gyeongju all we could see was stretch of greenery all around. The sky scrappers were surprisingly missing from the skyline. The traditional style houses are visible everywhere.
This city has still preserved its history and culture.

we could see the greenery and the breath taking nature around.

Bulguksa temple is UNESCO world heritage and a cultural asset. We went to visit the temple first.

the famous Bulguksa temple.

Balloon ride at Bamun resort in Gyeongju.
The resort as seen from the balloon. This place has some of the best hotels , resorts and golf courses.

A nice building on the way to Bomun resort.

We stayed at sarangchae guest house , a guest house recomended by visit korea website. The guest house was a mix of traditional and modern facilities. Its quite affordable and gives you a homely feeling.

The guest house where we stayed for 3 days .

the traditional setting of the guesthouse is super hit among foreigners.

this old hand pump was a great entertainer for all the kids.

The traditional Korean costume is provided for free to the guests for taking pics.

beautiful lotus pond.

The sea beach at Gyeongju.

Cheomsoengdae observatory in Gyeongju is the oldest observatory in Asia.
Free translator is available here who explains to you the importance of this observatory.

Imhae jeonji and the anapji pond.

The seokguram groto is also a UNESCO world heritage.Its the representative stone temple in korea.

The big bell near Seokgram grotto.

The walk towards Seokguram, located on Mt.Tohamsan

Ceramic creations at display. The beautiful green celadon potteries can be bought here..
The historical Tumuli park is just behind the Sarangchae guest house. Its has many tombs of ancient kings and noblemen.The park was all green and very refreshing to eyes.

The historical tombs at Tumuli park. The park is very well maintained .
One more famous place to visit in Gyeongju is the Gyeongju national museum which houses the arts. artifacts ,household items of Shilla dynasty .

Gyeongju national museum.

Buddha statues.

On 17th July afternoon we started our return trip to Suwon. Gyeongju trip is one of our most memorable trips . .We have collected some unforgettable memories here. I would strongly recommend this place to all my friends.
Below is Trip itinerary of our friend Dhinakar who visited Gyeongju recently and was kind enough to post it on our blog. They used Car for travelling.
Gyeongju Trip Itinerary (18~20th Sep.2010)

18th Sep : Home (벽적골한신아파트) (6 ~ 6.30am Depart) -> Lunch (@Highway Stop) -> Gyeongju National Museum (국립경주박물관주차장, 320.25kms, 3hrs, 53mins) -> Checkin (2pm) : Gyeongju Samreung Pension (경주삼릉펜션, 8.48kms, 16mins) & Refresh

Gyeongju Samreung Pension (3pm) -> Anapji Pong (안압지, 8.54kms, 14mins) (4pm Depart) -> Cheomseongdae Observatory (첨성대, .7kms, 2mins) (5pm Depart) -> Gyeongju World Culture Expo Park : Moonlight Laser Show (경주세계문화엑스포, 8.45kms, 15mins) (8pm Depart)
About Dinner (Room / Hotel) : We can have BBQ, Play some games etc., if you have some group game items at home like housie-housie, snake&ladder etc. please bring them.

19th Sep : Samreung Pension (경주삼릉펜션) (8.30am Depart) -> Poseokjeongji (Poseokjeong Pavilion) (포석정, 1.97kms, 6mins) (9.30am Depar) -> Checkout Pension (10am)
In front of Samreung Pension

Samreung Pension -> Golgulsa : Stone Buddha Temple (골굴사입구, 29.77kms, 47mins) (12noon Depart) -> Underwater Tomb of King Munmu (문무대왕릉입구, 11.21kms, 17mins) (1pm Depart) ->

Lunch & IVY Pension Checkin (아이비펜션, 30.78kms, 47mins) (2pm)
(We can have lunch on the way to IVY Pension or at IVY Pension if you already have some pre-prepared food)

IVY Pension (3pm Depart) -> Gyeongju Folk Handicraft Village (경주민속공예촌, 3.13kms, 9mins) (5pm Depart) -> Bomun Lake Resort : Boating in the Lake, Balloon Ride (보문관광단지, 6.06kms, 14mins) (7pm Depart)

Dinner (Room / Outside) : We can have BBQ, Play some games etc., if you have some group game items at home like housie-housie, snake&ladder etc. please bring them.

20th Sep: IVY Pension (8.30am Depart) -> Tumuli Park (대릉원입구, 12.69kms, 22mins) (10.30am Depart) ->Checkout IVY Pension (11am) ->
IVY Pension : IVY Pension (11am Depart) -> Bulguksa Temple (불국사입구, 1.97kms, 6mins) (1pm Depart) -> Lunch (1pm ~ 2pm) (Restaurants are available around the temple area (or) we can prepare some lemon rice / puliodharai etc and carry with us)

Bulguksa Temple (Start 2pm after lunch) -> Seokguram Grotto (석굴암석굴, 1.66kms, 5mins) (3.30pm Depart) -> ToHamSan Recreational Forest (토함산, 12.66kms, 21mins) (6pm Depart) -> Home (벽적골한신아파트) (Dinner @Highway Stop) (Approx. Reach Time : 10.30pm)

Dhinakar,Anu and Gautam infront of Bulguksa Temple


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Wonderful Korean Pics!! Thank you for sharing your family travel experience! There are just so many places to visit in Gyeongju alone!

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