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This is an attempt to Pen down travel stories during our stay in South Korea. South Korea with its four distinct seasons and awesome landscapes is a treat to visitor's eyes. Travelling is always fun here due to the hospitality and extremly cooperative people.
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Saturday, May 22, 2010

2 Day Trip to Yongwol

This time we visited Yongwol.Yeongwol is a region of culture and fidelity with beautiful natural resources and cultural remains. It's located in southern Gangwon-do, the middle inland of the Korean peninsula.Its around 190 km from Seoul.
We reserved a pension in Yongwol.This is the pension Home page(Pension).
The pension location is really good.Its located inside lush green mountains and a nice stream just next to the pension makes it a really nice place to spend some leisure time in summer.

Kunjal Showing the Magical Water tap. Continious water falling from the Tap.

In front of Yeoju Rest Area .

On the Way.Partha took this photo from Nilanjan's car moving ahead of us.

After reaching pension we went for sight seeing. Our destination was to visit the cliff at seongnam village which is shaped as korean peninsula.

On our way to visit the cliff shaped as the korean penisula.

The cliff as seen from the hilltop . Photo point was full with excited tourists like us.

fathers with kids.

In front of our pension on saturday just before leaving .

All happy faces.

our gang before leaving the pension.

Posing infront of the Pension

At the gossi cave area. Behind is the African art museum which we couldnot visit this time.

Gossi Caves: We reached Gossi cave area at around 12.30pm and enquired about tickets immidiately.But due to huge rush we were asked to enter the cave only after 3.15pm.Kids below 7 are not allowed in the caves.
Just beside the Gossi caves was the spot for River Rafting. From our team those interested in rafting moved towards the Rafting area. We also opted for Rafting..

The Entrance to Gossi Caves

The narrow entrance to the cave.

the lime deposites inside the caves.

River Rafting: The course that we had choosen was 1.5hrs long and was a beginners course and did not have big challenges. Even small kids can join this one.There are many Rafting spots of different adventure level in Yongwol.Our starting point was just beside the Gossi Caves.It was good because we could enjoy two attractions in the same place.This is the Rafting company's website (Rafting Home Page) The site is in Korean. In peak season it is better to go there after advance booking.The fee for rafting is 25000won/person

Photo session before departing....

As a warm up step we had to carry the boat ourselve till the stream.Its quite heavy...but all smiles.....waiting for the fun ahead...

It was lots of fun

All eating rasgullas before starting back for home.

Thanks to all our friends and a natural place like this we had a great weekend.

Request: If you liked this place and went there then please send a 10 line summary of your trip and 2 photos. We would feel priviledged to add it in our blog"


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