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This is an attempt to Pen down travel stories during our stay in South Korea. South Korea with its four distinct seasons and awesome landscapes is a treat to visitor's eyes. Travelling is always fun here due to the hospitality and extremly cooperative people.
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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

List of our Travel Locations

Year 2012

Year 2011
Trip to Dubai (Dec 18)
Yangji Pine Resort Trip (Nov 20)
Seoul Lantern Festival (Nov 18)
Ilsan Lake Park Picninc (Nov 13)
Autumn Afternoon in Manseok Park Suwon (Oct 30)
IIK Diwali Dhamaka 2011 (Oct 23)
Dance Contest for foreigners at Seoul Forest (Sep 26)
Independence Day Celebration in Suwon-IIS (Aug 15)
Gwacheon Science Museum Visit (Aug 06)
Two Days Busan Trip (Jul 30)
President Pratibha Patil in Samsung campus (Jul 26)
Boryeong Mud Festival (Jul 23)
Kidzania Seoul (Jul 21)
Rupa's Visit to Korea (Jul 06)
Visit to Gukhwa island on Bengali Nababarsho (May 23)
International Fest at GSIS School (May 14)
Visit to Ho-Am Art Museum near Everland (Apr 16)
Bowling Competition in IIS-Suwon (Mar 14)
An Evening in Ingyedong Park-Suwon (Mar 12)
Snow Sledging Fun in Suwon (Feb 03)
A Day Spent in Lotte World Amusement Park (Jan 22)

Year 2010
2 Day Camping Trip to Gangwondo (Aug 28)
2 Day Trip to Yongwol (May 22)
Chandra's Plant Decoration Classes (May 16)
Visit to Mangol Park in Yongin( May 15)
Childrens Day in Samsung Suwon (May 02)
Incheon Airport Moments (Apr 29)
Visit to Goyang Flower Show (Apr 25)

Visit to Hangyong Univ in Anseong (Apr 24)
Visit to Waojongsa Temple (Apr 24)
Everland Visit (Apr 22)
Aquarium and IMAX Visit in 63 Building (Apr 18)

Seoul Grand Park (Apr 17)
Visit to Jebudo Island (Apr 9)
Cheongdok Palace and Insadong (Apr 4)
Samsung Children Museum In Jamsil (Mar 14)
Kyunghee University Suwon Campus (Feb 20)
5 day Kolkata sightseeing (Jan 11)

Year 2009

3 Day Trip to Soraksan (Nov 1)Visit to Dongtan Central Park (Oct 18)
2 Day Trip to MUJU (Sep 11)
Naksan Beach on Independence Day (Aug 18) Summer Afternoon in Hangang Park (Aug 3)
1 Day Trip to Cheongju and Woraksan (Jul 20)
MoneSengthe Park beside Samsung (Jun 27)3 Day Picninc Trip to Mallipo Beach (Jun 13)
An Afternoon in Seoul Olympic Park (Jun 8)
2 Day Picnic Trip to Yeoju Province (May 31)
Childrens Day at Samsung Kehung (May 5)

A 2 Day Picnic Trip to Chuncheon (Apr 14)
Tajmahal and Delhi Trip (Jan 25)

Year 2008
Trip to Hongkong (Dec 29)A 2 Day Trip to Chiaksan (Sep 19)
A Day Trip to The D.M.Z (Jul 6)
Birthday at Osan Park (Apr 20)
Garden of Morning Calm (Apr 14)
New Year at Phoenix Ski (Jan 1)

Year 2007
A 5 Day Trip to Jeju Island (Sep 23)
A 1 Day Trip to Yeoju City (Aug 29)
A 3 Day Trip to Gyeongju (July 28)
India Day in Nami Island (May 15)
A 1 Day Visit to Seoulforest (Apr 13)
2 Days in Anmyondo Island (Jan 1)

Year 2006
Trip to Bangkok (Jan 19)

Seoul Grand Park Visit (Oct 28)
Bundang Yuldong Park (Nov 11)

Year 2005
Singapore Trip ( Jan 24)
A Nostalgic Visit to Laxmibill Village ( Jan 29)
A 2 Day Trip to Mount Soraksan (Oct 14)
Moments to Cherish while in Korea (Jun 6)
World Ceramic Biennale - Icheon (May 18)
Childrens Day In Samsung Suwon (May 6)
Chandra's Bday in Jebudo Island (Apr 21)
Kunjal's Annaprashan Celebration (Feb 22)

Year 2004
Coex Aquarium with Elderly People (Nov 19)Diwali Celebration-Wonchon Resort (Nov 17)
Children's Day at Samsung Suwon (May 07)

Year 2003
Samsung Year End Party (Dec 30)
Ganghwado Temple Stay (Nov 22)
Diwali at Our Residence (Nov 19)
Hof Day-Samsung Suwon (Oct 19)
A Visit to Daechon Beach (Jul 13) Our Marraige event in Samsung (May 19)

Year 2002
A 3 Day Trip to Busan (Aug 6)
2002 FIFA World Cup (Jul 1)

Year 2001
First Year In Korea


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